The great Lennart Poettering has done it again, rocking the FLOSS world a bit with his good-looking new init system, systemd. He got a lengthy post discussing its design, and what captivated me the most is his plans to have it replace gnome-session. Reason is that for me the lesser the daemons we have, the better, and FLOSS technologies are in desperate need for standard components. This is the sort of thing he is battling to do with reducing the need for a myriad GNU/Linux audio technologies, by providing PulseAudio as repalcement.

One of the great problems with Linux-based desktops is integration: distro devs either have to neglect certain areas (EG, discarding non-mainstream hardware/software architectures) or go to great pains to integrate various techs in order to have easy-to-use 'products', and I think both Ubuntu and Fedora are doing the former while Debian is doing the latter, hence Debian tends to feel less polished than these others.